Affordable log management & event analytics

Collect for years, query in seconds

For Cloudflare and Elixir apps

Install our Cloudflare app or sign up and setup our Logger backend

That's 42,294,534,636 events logged to date

Counting 2,456 events per second

Track everything you want

Log and application performance management in one solution. We use the software we're building to log events and maintain pipelines to power our dashboards. Check out our status dashboard which is a good example of what you can do with the Elixir library.

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Edge logs with no added latency

Use our Cloudflare app and catch every request to your web service no matter what. Our Cloudflare App worker doesn't modify your request, it simply pulls the request/response data and logs to Logflare asynchronously after passing your request through.

Want to monitor your Elixir app? Our library adds minimal overhead. We batch logs and use BERT binary serialization to keep payload size and serialization load low.

Elastic is expensive

Brief comparison

Storage type

BYO Backendβ„’

Searchable (hot)

Direct data access

Price per month

50 GB of logs

1,000 GB of logs









7 days




Costs escalates quickly with typical Elastic based log management solutions. To setup long term analytics on events you need to archive to a CSV and setup another data pipeline to ingest events into a custom tailored data warehouse.

With Logflare and BigQuery there is no setup for long term analytics. You can ingest immediately, query in seconds and store data for years.

More pricing coming soon

Event size based on an average of 1 kilobyte per event. Pricing based on Papertrail's publicly available pricing. At 1 kilobyte per event you get 50,000,000 events for 50 GB of storage.

Unlimited event history

Logflare is backed by Google BigQuery. We immediately insert your logs into BigQuery and store those there for 7 days. Need more than 7 days? Bring your own BigQuery table and keep as much as you like!

BigQuery & DataStudio

When you sign in with your Google account, we give you access to your underlying BigQuery table. Make dashboards with Google Data Studio using your new BigQuery table.

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Log routing

Route logs to difference sources with Regex. Consolidate important events with log routing.

Email & SMS alerts

Never miss an important event with realtime alerts via email or text message. Add multiple email addresses to alert everyone.

Sharing via public URL

Easily generate a public URL for a source. Useful for sharing realtime events with anyone without a login. Here we've routed all Googlebot traffic to this source and created a public path for it.

Add metadata and query it

Include metadata with your event for logging structured data. Query this structured data with standard SQL in BigQuery. Schema is managed for you, adapting to new metadata on the fly.

Other features

  • Realtime stream of events
  • Up to 100 sources per account
  • Display timestamps in local time & UTC

Use web client or PWA

For an app like experience install our Progressive Web App. Add to your homescreen on Android and iOS. Install Logflare on Chrome desktop.

Source available

Check out our souce code on Github. Spin up your own instance of Logflare if you want, but if you need help managing serious log volume let us do that for you :)

Zero risk. Satisfaction guaranteed. Install now!

Install our Cloudflare app or sign up and setup our Logger backend

Zero risk. Satisfaction guaranteed. Install now!

Install our Cloudflare app or sign up and setup our Logger backend