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Because Cloudflare doesn't give you logs unless you're on an Enterprise plan.

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Not using Cloudflare?

Logflare is a general log management, ETL and data plaform anyone can use. Use our agent or API to send logs from anywhere. Easily get data into BigQuery and build dashboards from event data with Google Data Studio.

Free Forever

Using Logflare is free. We believe in providing a useful free product for independent creators and developers. However, if you need enterprise class features or event volume let us manage your logs.

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7 day Event History

Logflare is backed by Google BigQuery. We immediately insert your logs into BigQuery and store those there for 7 days. Need more than 7 days? Bring your own BigQuery table and keep as much as you like!

BigQuery + Data Studio

When you sign in with your Google account, we give you access to your underlying BigQuery table. Make dashboards with Google Data Studio using your new BigQuery table.

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Open Source

Our entire product is open source. Spin up your own instance of Logflare if you want, but if you need help managing serious log volume let us do that for you :)

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Log Routing

Route logs to difference sources with Regex. Consolidate important events with log routing.

Email & SMS Alerts

Never miss an important event with realtime alerts via email or text message. Add multiple email addresses to alert everyone.

Public URLs

Easily generate a public url for a source. Useful for sharing realtime events with anyone without a login. Here we've routed all Googlebot traffic to this source and created a public path for it.

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Structured Logging

Include metadata with your event for logging structured data. Query this structured data with standard SQL in BigQuery. Schema is managed for you, adapting to new metadata on the fly.

Events from Anywhere

Send events via our Cloudflare app. Watch log files with our agent, or send in custom logs via our API.

Also notable

  • Streamed to your browser in realtime
  • Up to 100 sources per account
  • Display timestamps in local time & UTC
  • App-like experience with our progressive web app


Why Log at the Edge?

You can send Logflare events from anywhere, but edge logging can provide additional benefits to traditional server side logging.
  • Nothing to install on your servers. With Logflare and our Cloudflare app you can start logging everything with a few clicks.
  • Zero risk. You can uninstall our app as quickly as you installed it.
  • All your requests all the time. If you have lots of servers sometimes logging systems have issues on a node or two. When you log at the edge you know you're always seeing all requests.
  • Zero additional load on your system. Logflare's workers run on Cloudflares cloud. Our worker sees the request, passes it through to your system and asynchronously logs the event to Logflare with no additional latency involved and no added load to your servers.
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Install the Progressive Web App

For an app like experience install our PWA. Add to your homescreen on Android and iOS. Install Logflare on Chrome desktop.