Flat Rate, Unlimited Log Events

Priced for the developer. Scaled for the enterprise.

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Standard Plans

  • Team members
  • Sources

  • Alert frequency
  • Dashboards

  • Backend
  • Fields

  • Event Retention
  • Events per month

  • Rate limit
  • Rate burst

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  • 0 additional
  • Unlimited

  • 4 hours
  • None

  • Logflare
  • Up to 50

  • 3 days
  • 12,960,000

  • 5 per second
  • 300


per month / per source


  • 1 additional
  • Unlimited

  • 1 hour
  • Google Data Studio

  • Logflare || BYOB BigQuery1
  • Up to 100

  • 7 days || Unlimited
  • Unlimited2

  • Unlimited2
  • Unlimited2


per month / per source
paid monthly
14-day trial


  • 9 additional
  • Unlimited

  • 1 minute
  • Google Data Studio

  • Logflare || BYOB BigQuery1
  • Up to 500

  • 60 days || Unlimited
  • Unlimited2

  • Unlimited2
  • Unlimited2


per month / per source
paid monthly
14-day trial

1 Bring Your Own Backend™ to use with Logflare. Give our service account access to your Google Cloud Platform account and all reads and writes from Logflare will be performed directly on your BigQuery tables. Never archive to object storage again.

2 Unlimited log events is subject to our fair use policy.

How does the trial work?

Start your trial with Logflare and you get 14 days to try it out. After 14 days your credit card will be charged, and you'll be charged monthly or yearly depending on your plan.

What is a source?

A source is where your log events go. If you use Cloudflare you'll have a source for your Cloudflare logs. If you're sending log files from a server with our FluentBit config, you'll have a source for those.

How do you do dashboards?

Because of our tight integration with BigQuery we get Google Data Studio for free. Like Logflare, Google Data Studio balances power and simplicity. You don't have to read the manual to start creating dashboards and you can do 98% of what any other enterprise level BI tool can do. And because we're built on BigQuery, you can always fallback to custom SQL queries when needed.

What is a backend?

A backend is where we store your log events. We always store them in BigQuery, you can let us keep your log events in our Google Cloud Platform account, or you can give our service account access to your GCP account and we'll use your BigQuery tables to read and write from. Need another backend? Please let us know.

How do I add fields?

Logflare is a semi-schema'd service. We support schema'd backends, as BigQuery requires a schema. However, we detect and automatically update your schema for you based on the shape of your log events. Never worry about running a migration before adding a new field. Logflare does that automatically. We'll warn you about data type mismatches.

What happens when I'm rate limited?

If you're constantly hitting your rate limits we'll likely contact you about upgrading to a custom enterprise plan. If you hit your rate limit rarely it's not a big deal. You'll be warned when you hit your rate limit and log events won't be ingested.

What is considered fair use?

We provide unlimited log event data for all standard plans up to 25 events per second on average over the last 60 seconds. Our rate limiting actually allows bursting above this limit up to a maximum of 1,500 log events ingested in a single second. As an example, if you're doing 5 requests a second you'd be able to burst up to 1200 requests in a second (1500 - (5 * 60) = 1200).

If you require more throughput please contact us about our Enterprise plans & support.

If we notice abuse of our fair use policy we'll typically reach out to discuss your continued use of Logflare that is feasible for both parties long term. However, we reserve the right to delete your account without notice.